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Life in Balance Accounting CPAs, PLC (LIBA)

(formerly North Swan CPA PLC)

Tax and Accounting Services in Tucson, Arizona

Helping individuals, fiduciaries, and businesses achieve their accounting goals

Why choose LIBA?

LIBA is a tax and accounting services firm based in Tucson, Arizona. Our team of CPAs and accounting professionals provides tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services to clients in a variety of industries. We help our clients navigate decisions related to federal and state income taxes, accounting procedures, and general ledger reporting. Our team has extensive experience working with families and their advisors on trust, estate, and fiduciary matters.

Whether you’re running a business, enjoying retirement, or making plans for your future, we can free up your time for the activities you love.

At LIBA, we give individualized attention to each of our clients, first by listening carefully to your goals and needs, then working closely with you to develop plans to achieve those goals. We establish a close relationship with each client—whether you’re local to Tucson or have a different home base—in order to understand your current situation and to anticipate your changing needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and continually working toward a better understanding of each client.

Let us bring our talent and dedication to you.

Tax and Accounting Services

Tax Preparation & Consultation

Tax preparation and consultation
Reduce stress and minimize taxes

Financial Planning

Achieve financial independence

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping services
Gain control and peace of mind

Life in Balance Accounting CPAs, PLC (LIBA)
3060 North Swan Road
Tucson, AZ 85712
United States

Phone: (520) 624-6400